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Your holidays in a 5-star campsite 

Situated near to the seaside resort of Quend-plage-les-Pins, famous for its fine sandy beach which extends as far as the eye can see, in the north of the Somme Bay, the high end campsite Domaine de Diane propose for renting quality accommodations (mobile-home or cottages) for your stay on the Picardian coast. 

"Here, no tent, no caravan, no camping-car, but cottages and mobile homes put on wide well maintained plots of land. This classified establishment 5 stars looks like more a vacation resort."

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Thanks to our exceptional geographical situation, next to the Marquenterre park, you will take advantage of the fantastic Somme Bay and Authie Bay’s fauna and flora. 














We will adapt us to all your kinds of stays, be they natural, sportive or in family. Thanks to our various solutions of accommodation, but also to the numerous activities that we propose, we will at best meet your needs and the specificities of each of your requests.

Domaine de Diane, The comfort and the quality of a Hotel, The space and the leisure activities of an outdoor accommodation. 
In low season or during school holidays, organize a weekend at the seaside, a short stay, a week, or more. 
You will take advantage of all the amenities of the Domaine, but you will also discover the charms of the Somme Bay and of the Picardian coast. Domaine de Diane proposes the rental of a thirty residences located in a natural reserve protected from 80 hectares.


A 5-star campsite, what it is?

The classification in stars evaluate the comfort level and the equipments of a campsite. It estimates the performances and the quality of the proposed services. It also observed the practices environment-friendly.

How can we evaluate a campsite ? 

It is a ranking according to national criteria. With it, the customers will be sure of the quality of the site. It is the insurance to spent a stay without unpleasant surprises. In France there is a unique rank for campsites : from 1 to 5-stars. With it, the customers can have reliable benchmarks.
The ranking of a campsite is not definitive. It is revalued every five years according to a principle of scoring and by an inspection agency accredited by the COFRAC (French committee of accreditation). It allows to make sure that the host maintains the quality of its services but also to take in account the new amenities realized during this 5 last years. Furthermore, if the number of accommodations increases significantly (more than 10 %), the outdoor hotel in question is forced to redo a new request of ranking.

Who decides to classify a campsite?

You have to know that the ranking is not obligatory: it is an initiative made at the request of the campsite. This system was revised in 2009 to adapt always more criteria to the new customer expectations, more and more exigent.

Thus, 5-stars is the highest ranking?

When a campsite is classified 5-stars, we speak about high-class outdoor accommodation. This ranking is extremely difficult to obtain: it is necessary to perform more than 200 criteria!

Among the most notable:

- 70 parcels maximum by hectares, or 80m ² of minimal surface by parcel (at Domaine de Diane, the average size of our parcels is 160 m²)
- The receptionists must speak English and 2 other foreign languages 
- The reservation must be possible 24 hours / 24.
- The presence of a swimming pool is compulsory
- A free or paying internet access on the whole campsite
- Common showers opened all the season

How many campsites are classified 5-stars in Picardy?

Only 2 % of campsites in France are classified 5-stars! It shows the selection and the number of criteria to be respected. In Picardy, there are only 4 campsites classified at this level : three in Somme and one in Aisne.


The Domaine de Diane is classified 5-stars with the distinction “leisure activities” because 50 % of our parcels are occupied by a clientele which does not elect place of residence there.