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Welcome to Domaine de Diane, into the wild


We are situated in Quend-Plage, atypical sea resort which offers you fine sand beaches and dune massifs as far as the eye can see.

The station is situated between two magnificent Bays : the famous Somme Bay and the Authie Bay, both recognized nationally for their natural and ecological interest. 
Somme Bay extends in the South of Quend-Plage, since the Hourdel, in the North, up to Saint-Quentin-en-Tourmont, in the South. 
This is the biggest estuary in the North of France (7 200 hectares). The Somme Bay welcomes every year about 10 million tourists, in particular during the « Festival de l’oiseau », or during the marathon « Transbaie » race across the Somme Bay organized every year.
Its incredible landscapes, its fauna and its flora allowed the Somme Bay to be certified « Grand site de France », as well as « Plus belles baies du mondes » (more Beautiful Bays of the World). This is also a famous ornithological site, which welcomes all year hundreds of migrating birds.


But Somme Bay, beyond its natural interest, proposes you other facets. It has an architectural heritage of seaside style, in particular through the villas of its numerous stations, as Fort-Mahon or Cayeux-sur-mer, its pebble beach and its atypical beach huts. 

The Somme Bay, it is also the possibility to take a breath of fresh air through the numerous hikes by bike and pedestrian in the estuary. Indeed, the Bay possess 45 km of bicycle paths and 130km of walking trail.
For most adventurers, it is also an ideal spot for the practice of the sand yacht, the kayak, the kitesurf or still the paragliding.

You can also take advantage of the gastronomy of the Somme Bay by tasting, among others, samphire, lamb of the salty meadows, the mussels of Bouchot or the numerous shellfish fished in one of the small harbour of the Bay, such as Saint-Valery or Le Crotoy. 

In the North of the Somme Bay takes place a second estuary: the Authie Bay. 
The bay is situated between Somme and Pas-de-Calais, which form the natural boarder between the both departments.
This bay also offers a large diversity of landscapes. Between its « mollières », where you will find salty meadows as well as puddles, and its foreshore covered during tides, you will have the possibility of having a walk along its numerous marked paths. 
In its line of dunes, grow up rare botanical species, such as the fetid iris or the aquatic mint. These plants find in the Bay the wet ground as well as the particular climate which suit them. The Authie Bay, this is also atypical places, such as the Madelon’s little harbour, which appears like a mirage in the middle of fields. To note that this Bay belongs partially to the « Conservatoire du Littoral », what makes it a very protected space.

This is between these two protected spaces that you will find the Domaine de Diane. An ideal situation to visit the numerous sites of interest which surround the campsite. In particular the ornithological park of Marquenterre, small train of the Somme Bay, or still for the practice of sports activities: parachute, treetop adventure park, walks guided in the Bay …

The big sandy beaches of the coast will also enchants old and young alike during summer months. Without forgetting the biggest colony of seals « veaux marins » of France, living in the two bays. You can perceive them at saint Valery, at the Cape Hornu, or still at Berck-sur-mer, near the Boating center !